Receiver adapters, with vaccum connection, bent 105, for low boiling fluids

Price: 219,00 SEK to 264,00 SEK

Receiver adapters, straight, with drip tip and vacuumconnection

Price: 165,00 SEK to 198,00 SEK

Distilling Receiver (tuppfot)

3 cones NS 14

Price: 570,00 SEK to 585,00 SEK

Delivery adapters, straight, with suction tube, cone and socket

Price: 130,00 SEK to 176,00 SEK

Delivery adapters, bent, with ventilation

Price: 156,00 SEK to 212,00 SEK

Delivery adapters, bent at 105, cone and socket

Price: 125,00 SEK to 170,00 SEK