Stirred reactor GLS 80

Price: 2 850,00 SEK to 3 000,00 SEK

Membrane Screw cap for Lab.bottle GLS 80

Ideal for autoclaving processes because the membrane permits pressure equalisation and screw tight sealing.

Price: 88,00 SEK

GLS 80 Connection System, four ports

Materials used: PP and PTFE. Flexible modular system. Five different hose diameters (3.2 mm; 6.0 mm; 8.0 mm; 10.0 mm and 12.0 mm) can be connected. Sterile pressure equalisation is possible through use of membrane filter. Unused ports can be provided with a blind cap. Typical application: Safe transfer of liquid media within a closed … more »

Price: 55,00 SEK to 575,00 SEK

DURAN® GLS 80® laboratory bottle

Price: 98,00 SEK to 2 190,00 SEK

DURAN Group GL 45 Stainless Steel Laboratory Bottle, unbreakable

Price: 1 190,00 SEK to 4 000,00 SEK


Laboratory, GL 45 with DIN thread screwcap, PPN pouring ring, graduated

Price: 65,00 SEK to 3 995,00 SEK